How comparison kills you.

Do you know what’s the worst part of ours?

A person is refined by the roughest of his time and this rough time varies from person to person depending on the destination.

On the pilgrimage to our life we find our self to be surrounded by alot of genuinely accomplished people and happen to think about ourselves as misanthropic, half-witted losers
assuming this is none of our fault, this is the very nature of human. We just like to see what we want. 87c7e1ff75372ef19ae89c5d633a5244

Digging deep into the matter isn’t the perfect idea of judging one’s story, its just the exteriority that matters to us.

But the prefect Definition of perfect LIFE can’t be described like this.

Reality lives in a remote valley where no one dares to go because it may cause them their lives.

No one wants to unleash the facts and to see that every great man has suffered to BE where he is today

Looking at the accomolished people we happen to surround ourselves with restlessness and self interrogation that eventually ignites a drive of work inside us, and that fire remains within us as long as a spark in fire which eventually cools down. And it all keep on going like this until our own TIME, dawn upon us and we find what we’re here for.
Have you ever wondered about this restlessness and this fugitivuty of your life, have you ever questioned it?
It was not like this until our childhood,  the more we became sapient and perceptive for life, the more demons of grieve set foot into our lives , its obvious that none of us opened the doors of our life to this restlessness, none of us played a clue game.

it’s just the wave of well being of others that irritates us, its just the magic of negativity that proved to be more powerful than the positivity,  its just about this world that tries to convey this message to every beginner that you can’t do this because you’re a wretch and a loser .
Not because you’re not able to do anything,  but because you’re not on the ball at this very moment, its all about game of time, we often disregard the flabbergasting power of time and negotiate its momentousness, we forget that after all its the time that’s our best teacher, not any from our school and college, its a teacher  that always sticks with you, and teaches you the best lessons of all, we forget all these things and concentrate on whats been presented to us, we don’t even bother to turn the page to see the other part of story, we try to walk on the paved path, forgetting that their are mollions of other paths as well that are waiting to be paved by your industrious nature and beautiful persistent feet, we forget it all,
and believe in what we see.

Technology has played a substantial role in our lives, now it has started to paralyze the magnificent powers along with spirits of human, that was required the most.
So next time when you see a post of somebody sipping a cup of coffe under a skyfull of stars and heading over heels in love with someone, don’t forget that everyone of us is in their own timezone and you’re meant to be in your own. Buckle up your driving forces according to the greatness of your purpose and keep going, that when destination is bonny the path itself become pleasant and full of roses.



Syrians sufferings and our silence .!?

Syria, Damascus is considered as a scared place by Muslims. Its a land where many of prophets were born and died, it a land where shrines of Hazrat Zainab(S.A), Hazrat Fatima (S.A), Hazrat Sakina(S.A) are situated and this is that sacred piece on land where Maidan-e hashar will be conducted, hence the scarcity of this land is not able to put into words.

But since the last 7 years the human blood has become more cheaper than water there, hundred to thousands of Muslim children, women and elders are put to eternal sleep atrociously and the streets where you were supposed to see children playing with sand, you’ll see them crying and squealing on the bloody and dark grounds deprived of life.

But the real wretchedness is not this that our Muslim brothers and children are being slaughtered there like filthy animals, the real sorrow is that despite knowing the sensitivity of this matter and seeing all the painful situation, the government of all the Islamic states are tounge tied, and are enjoying the scenes inhumanly .

The real question is their silence, why are they quite, why are they doing nothing, when they’ll be in action?
Are they waiting for this forest fire to surround and burn their children and houses as well?
Or they’re waiting for a miracle to happen?
This fire will reach us and will burn us soon because of our silences.
Because remember,
A tyrant is not only who’s maltreating but the one in transaction too and the end of tyranny isn’t good.


Beauty lies in Sabr.


From childhood we’ve been told to have patience and sabr. From every little to real trouble we’ve been told to be sabir.
But did anyone told us that what actually sabr is ? the definition of sabr always remained confusing for me, so now let me tell you what it actually is.

Sabr is when you are at the midst of chaos and destruction ,is frazzled and your soul is in shambles but at that time you decide to be happy, instead of mourning over the things that are lost .

Sabr is when you feel your self lost and there’s no earth underneath you and sky  also seems to be steamed up, when your soul is  fatigued and is not willing to encumber any further burden.
Your spirits that used to be greater than the oceans and your energies that were once more energetic than seismic waves seems to be shattered.
When no one is ready to believe in you and when you become habitual of living with holding a lot of agony and your surroundings become unbearably revolting for you and you start considering it to be your perpetual fate.
At that time when you decide to take a big leap of Faith instead of quitting because of the mesirableness of your life is Sabr.


Sabr is when you decide to forgive someone dismissing your feelings, when you decide to meet the person that once was a torment to you who tore down your trust with your self.

Sabr is surpassing that angry voice in your head, the one that wants to yell at people for being inconsiderate to your struggles .
Sabr is swallowing this voice, learning to channel it towards a heartfelt dua.

Sabr is when you decide to put your faith in God, when you plan to go easy on your self and others, its necessary,  because sometimes we get so much indulge and afraid of the outcome of a certain deed that we forget that Allah has already planed better for us.
Sabr doesn’t necessarily needs big scenarios to be demonstrated it can even be implemented in the smallest chores of life.
I don’t say sabr is easy, indeed its tiring and exhausting, but implement it because,

Sabr is beautiful

Yes, it is beautiful, indeed it is.🌸


Expediency of some unshed tears and some unsaid words.

Clearly myself, am not a sage or something. But all these advices are  drawn from my practical life and the lessons it made me learn.


Some feelings are more deeper than skin and are more than mere emotions.
Those feelings that usually make you cry alot, break you from within. Tore you apart and make you abhor yourself. Make you feel like you are the most despising creature made so far.
Making you a very helpless exposed and vulnerable piece of art.
Make you cry in your bed for hours and hours with your face in the pillows, make you procrastinate, make you unwilling to do any job. Make you an extremely ugly version of yourself, asleeps the heart and awakens the mind and its overthinking potentials, debauching your eating, drinking, thinking, reacting, sleeping patterns…..




This all happens, happens to everyone around, but its all OKAY .

This is all about how do you react even if you can’t .How you can make things work even if you’re impuissant your own.

How you turn the table and and things in your own favour doing things in your OWN style.This life is not a bed of roses but its like a path full of thorns, you have to take roses from your personality to remove the thorns from your way. You have to become a powerful iron man, who don’t give a goddamn shit to the people that would distract him and make him weak.

And wordswag_1514404635081.png
Who just have to go this far and make your inner self believe that:

” whatever’s gonna happen, would happen for a good reason “

And trust me or not you will find yourself at a much better place, would consider that those feelings were only there to make up myself, refining my impurities, building my character and confidence, and did nothing but make me a more rugged, ardent and impassioned person for the challenges waiting for like a wife waiting for his husband.


Signing off,

Ayesha Shahzad.



Changing the world with the essence of your love.

This is the most random and i think the most relatable article so far .

We, humans, have to go through several stages in our life where we, ourselves, demand us to learn these lessons to keep things going in a flow.


So here comes the shortest, self sufficient and complete article: 


 Fall in love with someone who deserves this, for that YOU are the one who deserves it most.
So learn to be in love with yourself, with the things that matters to you that belongs to you, Be in love with your madness and enthusiasm, be in love with your curiosity, dedication, intuition and spontaneity. Be in love with your stubbornness, your idealism, realism, adventurism and your archism.
Be in love with your quiet intensity and your commitment to get extra sleep, your hunger pangs and your peculiar weirdness.

With your loud boisterous demeanor and your rambunctious laugh, and be in love with the way you cry when things get harder, and your that smile that eases the pain and with your ability to bouce back from that really hard thing that you had to deal with.

Be in love with the twinkle in your eyes, your philosophical mindset and your deap contemplations that never seem to fully work themselves out .
With your appreciation for nature and the things that clouds seems to make up to communicate you with and for your commitment to your faith and beliefs.

Fall in love With your ability to give yourself time to heal, recoup and to endure everything that has come your way due to this very moment.
Be in love with your kindred spirit and your eternal soul.
Be in love with all those things that are solely yours, that belongs to you and the only things you have the right over. Fall in love with them, embrace them and appreciate them before world brought you down on your knees, for if it ever does, your love for yourself will help you from falling apart because its enough to be young and in love.

For all these things admire yourself and
Love yourself before somebody else loves you and affirm to know you better than yourself, don’t let other’s love rule over your instincts .
Believe in that you are enough a thousand times enough, for you and for the world …


Signing off,


Defining beauty, crushing stereotypes


Am not kindaa beautiful where u can look at me and just say
Am kindaa beautiful
Where my life allows me to be happy, i get alot happier, cherish moments of life I’ve alloted by God.
Get happy on things probably where i shouldn’t be but to make things go in flow rather than be an obstacle, i do .
My beauty may rust when i get sad and annoys groundlessly, becoming rude to my parents, family and friends but eventually Am a human.
My beauty is of the kind where i allow others to be a part of me, becoming friendly many times to see the depth of the inner person or Seldom to just abate my inner gloominess
Am kindaa beautiful where i don’t hate or like people on the basis of their status, education accents and skin colours. Just ripping the world beauty standards.
Where i dont like falling in love with faces with grotesque spirits.
Am kindaa beautiful Where i like to get wet in rain to experience the beauty of nature and to love it with more intensity .
Where i like to  be in love with the SOULs, want to be in relationship with them, beautiful souls of beautiful views of loving everyone and spreading this.
With all these things i get more beautiful,

Inexplicably beautiful in my own way.
Above your all beauty standards and expectations .
Where if anywhere, anyhow, your soul would meet me, you’ll definitely be truly love with me.
Entangled in your and mine soul, you’ll get the true definition of beauty.


Signing off,


Depression, a person’s death before death.

Another one is here:



Depression is not a state of mind, it’s a state of life for some people.

It’s not confined to a reason because sometimes there might not be a reason for it. People try to understand and feel you but when you are depressed, you don’t believe that they actually feel you. At that point of time, you do want to be with someone. You want someone to motivate you but not by giving you examples but by being there with you. You want them to create something for you. You want them to make you feel worthy and make sure that you don’t feel vulnerable when you are with them. You want to feel alive again. People don’t understand how helpless you feel when you are depressed. They should try to understand that depression is not your hobby or your secret plan to escape from the world. You desperately want to get rid of it.


One day when you get up and breathe the fresh air, touch the dew drops, smell the aroma of the garden, look at the sky, listen to the chirping of birds, and you feel alive; you know that it’s no more a state of your life. You are free from depression and you know that it’s all because you believed in yourself.


A little girl with her modesty

This article is based on a topic that is considered as a taboo in our so called *REVOLUTIONIZED* society to be discussed and solved.

This article is based on a real incident and needed to be shared.

Please do read it and let me know if i had the right approach for this topic or not.

Your feedback always means alot and help me grow.


Rubi ,Rubi…………
It was her mother crying out,
“rubi tu kam tai kun nai ja rai, nakhrai na ker, aithai khanai nu kuch nai haega wa tai tere dramai nai mukdai….””
Rubi was a 15 years old,poverty stricken girl.
She was trying to hide herself beneath the bed.
A 15 years old girl was in dismay, perplexed, aspiring to come out of this time where all the secrets of life would reveal before her.

She knew this, what would happen to her if she’d leave for work today, but she was dragged out from her house like a trash and was compelled to go to work to feed his father with a leg broken , and mother who was suffering from hepatitis, but still managed to get work in two or three homes as a *kam wali*  for her daughter.
Her mother sent her to the work place and mopped her dishevelled abode with a hope in her subconscious, that atleast today they’ll not have to sleep hungry again.
At night when she went to meet her daughter, despite of the amalgamation of two asunderd hearts which was expected, a mother saw a dead body of her daughter hanging with fan …….
She was bleeding down everywhere, scratches and torn clothes hit her mother’s heart and she took a hasty trip down the memory lane and eventually she got the answers of all those tears who had alot of questions hidden in them who wanted to be answered, but it was now too late for that.

They had neither money nor gold but the only thing they had ,*honour ,was also being taken away from them, far away, ….
A murder was named as suicide.
Tests revealed that she was *raped by those beast like humans, to whom she was afraid of many months ,days and hours and just to keep herself safe from the abusage of her parents she went there once again, with a heavy heart, but who else knew this that it was for the very last time she was doing it.


those wicked persons who succeeded to set an example of atrocity and barbarism were fugitive…….

So now here the Question arises, was she wearing a half, naked shirt, or her DUPPATTA wasn’t there to save her honour or what was the reason that tempted them to do such an unforgivable sin!
Many of you, sitting there would be having the opinion that it happened because the girl was POOR.
and many would say that is was being done because those wicked persons had no trepidation of being arrested,
And many of you would blame our law system
And many would demand justice from our *Great PM , who was on holidays .
If it approaches to media , many of us would raise the slogans of so called term “FEMINISM”……
And Would stand up for the rights of women,
And it will all end after a week or so of rallying.
Our law will exonerate the sinners from accusations and here you go, every thing will get to normal for everyone,
except the home which turned outta house.
The only way to solve these enormous problems is not to rally against those who don’t even care.change begins with you.

You are the change !

If there’s no absolute LAW system, then what are you doing here, go make one.
If men can’t control their testosterone arousal, and don’t have control over their eyes and mind, then you learn how to do so.
If women are compelled to go to those hell like places and can’t even speak on their behalf, you go and educate them, their family.
And you learn how to fight for your own honour .
Trust me it’ll take about half of our century but after that, you would not find any RUBI brutally used .
The thing you would get, would be PEACE , for that peace, learn to slay your today’s comfort.
Because at the end God will ask each one of us;

*oh human! How did you use the capabilities i granted you with*

What would you answer him with …….
Ponder man, think!


Signing off,

Ayesha Shahzad.

The way to brightness

Here comes my first article.Please let me know if it was worth a read or not.


Her vulnerability was about to take life away from her.

That wilderness of her was destroying her peace

Was Eating every pure bit of her she had once in her

Thinking about purity that was in her soul, created by some holy spirit,

Got stained because of some mischievous deeds,


by satan and by deceptive dunya.

She Did something she should have abstained from but,
Now all the *may, mights, and if will be slain.

Slain and would be hit by KARMA and fate

Sitting impuissant, fearing Karma to come,

She Got to have a hasty glimpse over her misdeeds.

Her Breathe increased instantly giving her goosebumps…

Expeditiously she took a trip down memory lane

Recalled a ayah by her sustainer and muttered;

*Your sorry will grant you distinction
And would surely remove your sins*

Remembering this, feeling a current in her soul,

Leaping out from the guilt of her wicked deeds

She made a way to his merciful God, with some sajood

She shed her fears and flushed her insecurities  away.

She triumphed in getting her purified soul back

With zealous to not be a victim of iblees again

She marched towards the path that was meant  for her .

After passing through all the probationary stages she became more strong

Her faith in her ownself and her God was unscathed and her path was now clear….

The message to give you here is to not fear

Shead your fears and demons,

Saddness is not meant for a true believer…

Singing off,

Ayesha shahzad.

First blog post

Hello there,

Its me Ayesha Shahzad here, and i am a student of fsc.

I made this site to jot down the different ideas and thoughts that usually whirl in our mind thousands times a day, so isn’t this a good idea to share our perspectives with other people ?!

Am a very uncertain and random person and the purpose of making this site is to just have my thoughts shared ,but all good one preferably. 😃

As am a person who believes in self exploring ,so through all my thoughts and ideas being portrayed here, you guys would be able to get another face of the story (another perspective of a certain thing).

I will post here some good thoughts and would try my best to be as much relatable as i can.

Being a student we all have to deal with anxieties and different tension of entire universe so, there comes some of the thoughts that always remain unsaid, so here ill try to say MY unsaid thoughts and notions .

Thanks lot for reading , singing off,

Ayesha Shahzad.